Friday, January 22, 2021

Perfect Match Blog Hop


Welcome to the Perfect Match Blog Hop. You should have come from Lauren's blog, but don't worry if you started here. The hop is a circle, so just keep going until you've seen all the amazing inspiration from our talented CTMH Makers. If you get lost while hopping, head to Melinda's blog for a complete list of participants.

I've been creating almost non-stop with these products: the paper, the stickers, the stamps...all of it! For my post here, I decided to shamelessly copy a layout idea I found on Pinterest. I was going to give you the link to the original post but it didn't work. I got that nasty "oops" screen. I hope my version is as inspiring for you as the original one was for me.

I wish my stitching was better, but I was relatively successful at covering the worst of my blunders with stickers.

I started by sketching a swirl with pencil on my paper. I then stamped the LOVE, we're a Perfect Match and red arrows, the envelope, a couple of other bordering lines, and the large heart behind the HAPPY sticker. I then did my stitching, breaking in places over the things I'd stamped. When I was done and had pulled my loose threads through to the back side, I erased my pencil line and started adding stickers and a few more stamped things, notably the small pink hearts. On the floral stickers, I trimmed off the blue leaves and then used a black marker to cover up any of the blue still showing before sticking them down. 

The only thing I used that doesn't come from the Perfect Match collection is the "love joy happiness xo" stamp. It's from the upcoming Stamp of the Month called "Doodled Borders." It will be available on February 1. 

This is my favorite picture ever of my husband and me...including wedding pictures! It was taken about ten years ago in Colorado Springs at Garden of the Gods. In a few years, I won't mind my wonky stitching, and this might end up being my favorite layout with my favorite picture.

Now you're off to Michelle's blog. I'm following right behind you because I still have some paper and a few stickers left to go with my stamp set. I can't wait to see what everyone has made!

Until next time,

Monday, January 18, 2021

January/February 2021 New Product Blog Hop

Welcome to the Jan.-Feb. 2021 Seasonal Catalog Blog Hop! We're so glad you're here. Every two months, CTMH releases a mini catalog filled with beautiful products and we do a hop to show them off. You should have come from Lauren's blog. The hop is a circle, so don't worry about where you started. Just keep going until you've seen all the inspiring projects. If you get lost along the way, head to Melinda's blog for a full list of participants.

There weren't a huge number of things I needed from this mini-catalog. The last four have generated page-long lists of must haves, so it was nice to whittle down to just a couple things I wanted and then make use of things I'd already purchased out of the Core Catalog. 

For this first card, I used the new Letter Tiles Stamp and Thin Cuts set. I've wanted to play with Scrabble tile art for a long time, so this was perfect. I used the current Mix-In paper (bottom, Canary with white polka dots pattern) with Lovely paper from the Core Catalog. I die cut each piece of paper individually with the Stitched Rectangular Frame Thin Cuts, stacked them together, then cut both at the same time. I pieced these two together and covered the seam with a piece of Ballerina cardstock that I just cut the long edge of the very outside part of the largest rectangular stitched thin cut. I also cut tile pieces from Ballerina and offset them slightly with the tile pieces (Toffee cardstock stamped with Espresso ink) before foam mounting them to the card. I accented with a sticker from the Lovely paper collection, then jazzed it up using White Opal and Rose Gold Liquid Pearls.

As a fun side note, my husband came into my craft room and glanced over at my light box where this card was sitting. He started to laugh and said, "I misread that at first. I saw 'HARPY.'" Not too many women in my life I could send a Harpy card to, but now he's got me thinking...

My next card uses the same Mix-In paper plus Ballerina cardstock.

This new mini catalog features a set called Sweet Safari. It's a darling baby-themed set, but I'd already purchased Nursery Days from the Core Catalog, which has similar icons. I decided to make my own version of a card in the Sweet Safari card workshop...with one adjustment made because I messed up. 

Here's the original card. It features three pieces of paper - the stripe, the blue, and the red polka dot - then has some stamped flags and a sentiment. To mimic the flags, I decided to use a goodly amount of Ballerina Liquid Pearls. Except, once I squeezed it out, I decided I didn't like it. 

So I cut it off!

Look closely, and you'll see that the Ballerina border on the right side (cut with one of the Fancy Border Thin Cuts) isn't flush with the white card base. Now, I do really like how this looks, but I don't recommend the process by which I went about it.

I had already foam mounted the banner and giraffe, so I had to carefully cut  along the line of Toffee patterned paper, cut around the banner and giraffe, and then continue cutting straight to the top of the card. I then glued my piece of Ballerina border behind where I cut. It looks fine from the front but is a little ragged on the back side.  The final touches were some much smaller dots of Ballerina Liquid Pearls

Your next stop is Michelle's blog. I'm excited to see what she and the other Makers have created. Who knows, I might just find a "must have" I didn't know I needed.

Until next time,


Friday, January 1, 2021

January SOTM Blog Hop: Every Thank You

Welcome to the new year...which means a new stamp of the month and a new seasonal catalog! Our blog hop features the Every Thank You stamp set. You should have come from Lauren's blog. There are eighteen of us this month, so if you get lost along the way, hop over the Melinda's blog for a full list of the participants. 

Here's a look at the fabulous stamp many ways to combine the various fonts.

Here's my first card. I used three different colors of cardstock: Blue Belle, Peach, and Desert Rose. I combined it with White Embossing Powder, the Stitched Rectangle and Stitched Square Thin Cuts. 

For this second card, I used the left over pieces from the thin cuts on the first one.

I dressed this one up with splatters from my Black Shimmer Brush and some Blue Belle Sequins. I love how the Stitched Square and Stitched Rectangle Thin Cuts give you both panels and frames. 

Now you're off to Darly's blog. I can't wait to see what she and all the other CTMH Makers have for us.

Until next time,