Saturday, January 30, 2010


If I'm honest, there are several places where the Bible simply bugs me...where I want to know more detail but the scripture is awkwardly silent.  And then there are the passages overly detailed for the subject matter.

Case in point:  Genesis 23

Can someone please tell me why God would devote an entire chapter of his Word to the haggling process over Sarah's burial cave?  Is it a tribute to Sarah both by Abraham that he would pay so much for her burial ground and by God for including it, and all it's particulars, in scripture?  Is it just a cultural thing to add authenticity and color?  Is it so archaeologists can hunt down this very spot and verify scriptural accuracy?  Or is there a lesson in there about paying full price for something despite an offer to have it for free?

See what I mean.  It just bugs me.

And speaking of being bugged, I went to get on the exercise bike yesterday and whatever mechanism adds resistance made the noise like it was doing it's job but, alas, no resistance at all.  It was like a wet fish handshake and totally frustrating.  I went out and swept snow instead.  Brrrr.

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