Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Graduation

Our niece graduated from college a couple days ago.  Now I know California doesn't get cold, but I could not resist making her a snowman graduation card.  Some people call these "melted snowman" cards, but I call him CUTE!

All supplies are CTMH.  The snowman is from All Decked Out, the cap and scroll from a set I no longer know the name of, but it says CTMH on the side.  Colors are Heavenly Blue, Dutch Blue, Autumn Terracotta (nose), Black, and Grey Flannel.  I sponged the edges of each circle to give it a little shading.  Some of the cards I've seen use another layer of cardstock in a light blue or grey instead.  I raised each layer of the snowman with foam tape, added extra foam tape under the ear muffs and scroll.  The scarf is glued directly to the middle circle to make it slide under the snowman's chin.  (Do snowmen have chins???)

My "kids" arrive within the next few days.  I shouldn't call them kids since they are 25 and 23, but they are still my babies.  Well...except for the son-in-law who came into the family at 21, but I still count him as mine.  All that to say, this is the last post for awhile so I can enjoy our precious time together.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

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  1. What a sweet card Becca. Love the shape and the neat design. Have a wonderful Holiday Season!


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