Thursday, June 29, 2017

GoodReads Giveaway: The Promise Bride

The publisher of The Promise Bride is giving away 25 copies on GoodReads between June 29 and July 6.  I'm still on the road, so I'm not sure how many times I'll be able to pop in here and remind you, so be sure to enter right away!

Here's the link to enter:

Gina and I are thrilled to finally get the first book of this three-book series in the hands of readers. We started brainstorming these stories four years ago in a Starbucks on Cache Road in Lawton, Oklahoma. Every book has it's own special "behind-the-scenes" challenges. This one involves a house fire.

We were about a month away from our deadline when Gina's house caught on fire. The damage was so extensive, her family had to move into a rental home which they still occupy. If you've read the Acknowledgments section of my story in The Secret Admirer's Collection, you know I wrote that novella in six days. The reason was because we had to push back the deadline for The Promise Bride by a month. Clearly, Gina had more important things to attend to--like her children and her husband who suffered third-degree burns on his leg. Real people trump made-up ones every time.

We are so grateful that Gina's husband suffered no permanent damage and nothing was lost that couldn't be replaced.

Come Fly with Me is the introductory novella to this series. You'll meet a few of the characters who will be important in The Promise Bride and future stories. This story is available now but only in e-reader format.

Gina and I hope you fall in love with Luanne and Roy (Come Fly with Me) as well as with Emilia and Mac (The Promise Bride). You'll be able to check back in on them as the series continues over the next couple of years. I know, it's a long time to wait, but each story stands on its own with just a few teasers to make you eager for the next installment.

The Promise Bride officially releases August 29, 2017, but pre-orders are being taken now.

And now on with our previously scheduled move from Alaska to South Carolina. We are currently in California enjoying time with friends...and trying to meet the next book deadline for the second book in this series.

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