Friday, September 10, 2021

New Core Catalog Blog Hop

Welcome to the New Core Catalog Blog Hop. This is always a fun hop because there is SO MUCH to play with. The Core Catalog products stick around all year long, so I tend to go a little crazy when the new one releases. This year was no different. But before I get carried away, let's take care of some blog hop business. The stop before me is Michelle's Show and Tell with Michelle blog. I'll give you the link to the next one at the end of the post, but if you ever get lost, you can always head over to Melinda's blog for a complete list of participants.

If you follow my blog, you'll notice that the upcoming pictures are a little different. I'm crafting on the road. I packed--and I do mean PACKED--an emergency crafting suitcase because, once your household goods are picked up by military movers, sometimes you don't get them back for a good long while. 

Which is the case here.

I said goodbye to my crafty goodies on August 9 and won't see them again until September 29 if we remain on schedule. So...all of that to say, my pictures look a little different because I don't have my pretty light box to stage things in.

Now I want you to notice something about these two cards. Aside from the cute images, note the small stitch lines. Yes...the girl and the library images from "In a Book" and "Date Stamp" are fabulous, but even as an author--so books are an automatic purchase--these weren't the first items in my cart. That honor goes to the "Embroidered Borders" and "Embroidered Circles" sets because they enhance everything they touch. So does the "Imperfectly Perfect." which looks like spills, splotches, and splatters. (See what I did there? Had to show off the author in me by using alliteration!)


When I open a new Core Catalog, I look for the things that I'll use over and over and over again to enhance the gazillions of cute images that CTMH releases in the course of a year, be it bibliophiles or babies.

Now you're off to Katy's Scrappin' Katy blog. I'm right behind you because--let's face it--these ladies come up with incredible ideas that I can't wait to try.

Until next time (which is hopefully after I get my craft room set up again),


  1. Ahhhh...your use of that stamp set! Love it and love her paper-pieced top! Wonderful card!

  2. I love the plaid top of the girl- very clever!

  3. These stamp sets are PERFECT for you! Love what you did with them...hope you are settling in!

  4. Love these cards! You may have pushed me over the edge to get the in the book set.

  5. Beautiful cards! I love the paper piecing on your first card.


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