Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Mixing Eras

Have any of you seen the movie "Return to Me" starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver? It's one of our favorites. Not only is the main story great, the side characters--particularly the quartet of old men--are hilarious. The men play poker and argue about the greatest singers and baseball players of all time. They argue about not only the people but mixing eras.

For today's card, I have mixed eras. Well...maybe not eras exactly, but certainly products that span decades. There are many hassles about having to move every few years, but one upside is that I'm forced to look at everything I own. That's usually when cards like these happen. So without further ado...

Everything here is a CTMH product. The oldest is the gold metalic paper. I think that goes back at least twenty years. I'm down to scraps, but I didn't need much. Everything stamped and gold embossed comes from the Cape Code-Scrapbooking set which came out in July 2023. The thin cuts are a hodgepodge, including some from a Christmas set introduced last year. So not only am I mixing eras here but seasons. 

The point is this: if you haven't gone through all your craft supplies in a while, do so. You never know what they will inspire you to create.

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