Friday, July 9, 2010

Amish Grace

I just finished watching a Lifetime Movie called "Amish Grace."  It's the true story of the horrific shooting of all the girls in an Amish community school house.  Some of the girls survived, too many did not.  In response, these Amish people called for the forgiveness of the shooter and rallied around his family.  It's a stunning story, truly stunning.  If you've not seen it, please do...but have an entire box of tissues available.

Lifetime Movies are not what I would generally call uplifting or particularly kind to Christians.  Usually, we are portrayed as money grubbing, fanatical, weirdos who've so lost their grip on reality as to be laughable and/or dangerous.  Whoever wrote and produced "Amish Grace" found the genuine forgiveness offered by these believers to be so incredible, the entire story was treated with reverence.  There was no attempt to hype the plot by throwing in extra emotion, no cheap shots at the crazy lifestyle of these people who keep themselves apart, nothing.  Instead, there was an honest portrayal of people trying to come to grips with the worst imaginable tragedy by responding as God would want.

Apparently, when true grace and forgiveness shines into the darkness of this world, people don't know what to do with it.  Real godliness is so rare, it makes for compelling drama without being dressed up. 

How tragic is that?

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