Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Won! I Won! I Won!

Has God ever poured so much blessing over your life it filled you up and leaked out your eyes?

Today was the Peak Writing Conference here in Colorado Springs.  Our speaker, Karen Ball, agreed to do a fund raiser.  Anyone could enter a up to a 100 word paragraph and she would critique the first two chapters of their WIP (work in progress). 

I WON!!!

When they started reading the winning entry, I knew right away it was mine.  I raised my hands in the air like a referee signaling a touchdown.  And then, it took me five minutes to stop shaking.  Here's my winning entry:

Bella Ingersol counted ceiling tiles wondering who her lawyers would sue for this. Halston? The tiger trainer? The African government? Hitler?

Could she sue a dead man?

She touched the gauze strips taped to her neck and wrapped around her head. She ought to find a mirror, but Arty forbade it. Before her transfer from ICU, he authorized a private wing for her use and had all mirrors removed.

If she stepped close to the windows or off her wing, pictures would be splashed across every news channel within an hour.

Not exactly how she wanted to find out.

The funny part about this is I write mostly historical fiction, but when I took my contest entries to my critiquing group, the openings of two contemporary novels are what they thought worked best.  This threw me into a bit of an author identity crisis...which sent me to my friends house for a chat...which led to me getting a spot at the writing conference at the end of this month where I get to show my novel to two more editors.
If I ever get a chance to catch my breath, I will use every last bit of oxygen to praise my God.
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