Thursday, February 3, 2011

When Dream Becomes (more of) a Reality

For many, many years, I dreamed of writing a novel which would actually be catalogued by the Library of Congress and published without me having to pay for it.  At the end of this month, I am heading to a writer's conference with 20 "real authors" and two "real editors" where I will have the chance to present my current WIP (that's "work in progress" for all you non-writer types..ahem. I'll bring my nose back down from the snooty position now.)

This opportunity is a direct result of moving to Colorado Springs, getting involved with a Chaplain Spouses group, opening my mouth to say, "I'm working on a novel" (which is a pretty scary thing to admit outside the walls of my shower), and then jumping in with both feet.  God is blessing me with friends to guide and cheer me on, critics to lovingly say, "This whole thing isn't going to work here," and the freedom to run off for weeks at a time to attend conferences.

For twenty-six years, this dream has been on hold while I focused on raising my children and caring for my in-laws.  It never went away.  I continued to write novels which will likely never see anything but the inside of my laptop, but I kept writing...and dreaming.  I even made "writing for publication" one of my goals when I started this blog a year ago.  It was the first step.  The first time I let my passion to write outside the confines of my basement.  I have no regrets about using all my time and talent to raise my kids.  They are incredible human beings.  But I do wonder what would have happened if I let my heart's desire breath a little during those years.

I have no idea where this will end.  But what a ride!  And what an incredible God I serve...the giver of every good gift!

Until next time,

P.S.  One of those new friends took the profile picture now gracing this blog.  It will be used for my "author" business cards.  Tee Hee!!

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