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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Writing O'Clocks

Just saw this on the writers loop and had to share. Thanks to Sharlene MacLaren for posting it.
  • 1 o'clock = I am off to a fabulous start. Darn, I'm good. 
  • 2 o'clock = I love the way my beginning scenes are coming together. There's fire in my veins. 
  • 3 o'clock = I can write! My readers will love this. I'm even keeping my office neat and tidy. 
  • 4 o'clock = I don't feel like writing today. Help me, Lord.  
  • 5 o'clock = I'm in a dry spell (my flame is down to a flicker), but I will write because I AM A WRITER! 
  • 6 o'clock = Where was I going with this story? Gotta reread the entire STUPID thing! 
  • 7 o'clock = This stinks so bad I have to put a clothespin on my nose while I write.  
  • 8 o'clock = I cannot write. My readers will hate this. My office is starting to smell like dirty socks. 
  • 9 o'clock = Yow! I have to start winding this down! This is worse than the underside of a bad quilt. 
  • 10 o'clock = Where did all these loose ends come from? God, I need SUPER DIVINE WISDOM! 
  • 11 o'clock = I see it, I see it. It's coming together. (Thank you, Lord.) I can't wait to come out of my hiding place. 
  • 12 o'clock = The End! I can't imagine putting myself through this again, but, alas, another story is brewing.
I'm on Chapter 5 of 34, and I'm already at the 3:30 hour. Oh dear! However, I did send the first four chapters off to be my plotting partner. He's great at villains, so I told him to think evil thought and get back to me.

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