Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Laughing at Myself

I am great at giving advice. Got tons of it. I shovel it over anyone who wants a little. Probably over those who don't want any, too. Okay...I hear you. Drop the "probably" out of that sentence.

I can even give great advice to myself...doesn't mean I'll do anything with it, though.

For example, when I first started this blog, one of the Bible studies was on Abraham's servant and how, regardless of the outcome, his obedience was all the success he needed. I am to tell you that I do not live that truth. I am a perfectionist. An all or nothing kind of girl. And I want a guaranteed success at the end of the journey in order for me to feel it's worth taking more than a few steps down the path.

Today, my husband and I started a Bible study on grace. While answering the discussion questions, we meandered onto this question: What does God's approval look like?

For me, the answer is a straight, easy path. Now I know that isn't right. I know it. But the minute I encounter resistance, I'm wondering if God is really for this path. Knowing what I do, I'll go a little further, but much more resistance and I'm going to sit down and not move. Because the problem with being an "all or nothing" person is, too often, it results in me doing nothing. Sitting down. Not moving. Waiting for God to make the path easy before I move again.

But if God's approval doesn't look like a straight, easy path, what does it look like. I don't know.

Do you?

Until next time,

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