Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birthday Butterfly

Once in a very great while, I come up with an idea all on my own.  Please mark your calendars because today was that day.  I was admiring all the folks who used the Adhesive Springs for Heart2Heart: Spring Forward and trying to come up with a creative way to use mine.  Voila!


This was pretty labor intensive, so I have a bunch of pictures to show you how I did it.  First, the multicolor butterfly was done using reinkers and baby wipes.
In case you can't read the colors, that's Smoothie, Honey, and Twilight.  I didn't bother getting the dots right next to each other. Even with giving them a bit of space in between, by the time I stamped a few times rotating my stamp just a smidge in between, the image was colored.  This picture was taken after I had stamped the butterfly four times.

Before I stamped the butterfly from Find Your Style (retired) on the bottom piece, I wiped off the antennae.  I stamped a second time after inking only the antennae in Twilight.  I then stamped the body of the butterfly on a scratch piece in Twilight to use on the top piece after everything was assembled.  Then I cut the Adhesive Springs to mimic the shape of the butterfly wing and affixed them.

This next picture is to show you how I created the layers, but you don't want to do this quite yet.

Here's why...
As you add each layer, you want to make sure the center part stays down.  I used a combination of double sided sticky tape and Liquid Glass .  The sticky tape helps keep things in place while the Liquid Glass dries.  Do one layer at a time unless you have superpowers to get that line of Liquid Glass just right.  On the last layer, I added a couple dabs of Liquid Glass to the Adhesive Springs for good measure.

Once all the layers are down, add the Twilight colored body and patiently hold everything in place until it's dry enough to not pop back up.  I added a final touch of Liquid Glass to the body to give it some extra shine. 

I really wished I had the A Tree stamp set to use the sentiment "Fluttering by to say..." and add "Happy Birthday" inside.  It's on the way, but I have to get this out in the mail before my box of goodies arrives.  Instead, I used Card Chatter-Birthday.

Because this card has a lot of weight on the front, I decorated the inside.
It's not fancy, but it added a little structure so the card doesn't tip over at a light breeze.

Yep, pretty darn proud of myself.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to  leave them in the comment section and come back to see my answer.

Until next time,


  1. LOVE is an understatement!!! How fabulous, Becca! The butterfly is stunning! What an awesome idea for the springs. Thank you!

  2. You have every reason to be proud! Your card is gorgeous! I have never used the springs, but now I am going to have to order some. Thank you for a new idea how to use that butterfly stamp.

  3. This is awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful card :)

  4. Oh My Gosh! I never thought to layer several images in the spring. Too too cute! I'm off to make some fluttering butterflies. I was trying to think of another way to use those spring. Now, thanks to you I don't have to think anymore.

  5. Becca ~ this is absolutely amazing! I have no patience for this type of project so thank you for letting me experience the creative process of yours. Thanks for playing along with H2H this week!

  6. Becca, you should copyright this brilliant idea! I don't know if I'm as brave as Jody, trying the multi-layered springy technique, but I am definitely going to give that baby-wipe stamp pad trick a try. Too cool; merci!

  7. That butterfly is gorgeous! Love the post on how you stamped it. And such a nice offset to the simplicity of the rest of the card.


  8. This is a stunning card! I LOVE the puddle pad technique and I absolutely love how you used the springs on the wings. Thanks for the tutorial, too, and thanks for playing along with us last month at Heart 2 Heart!

  9. Oh My--I love this! Can't wait to do it. Thank you for the tutorial!


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