Thursday, February 27, 2014

Love Collage

Happy Thursday, everyone.  I'm here with my last Balloon Ride Workshop of the Go post for

I love, love, love the stamps in this WOTG set.  They lend themselves to the collage style which is very trendy.  I wanted to show you what can be done with just the stamps themselves.

Notice how both the side and bottom borders are at the 1/3 mark.  Then I piled on the collage where the two borders intersect.  The layers are pretty thick, so this is an extra postage or hand-deliver card.  I have a shower coming up next weekend, and I think this will bless the bride-to-be.

Until next time,

February special


  1. I had debated whether or not to get this WOTG for the stamp set, but decided not to. Now that I see your beautiful card, I wish I had (and maybe I still will...) :)


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