Sunday, December 14, 2014

cry. laugh. remember.

Losing a loved one is always hard, but it seems worse when it happens at Christmastime.  Using some new stamps, I made two sympathy cards which I hope will bring a little comfort.

The background and butterfly stamps are from the new Seasonal Expressions catalog from CTMH.  It's a hostess only set called A Thing Well Done

The card base is 4.25 x 4.25, and the inside panel is 2.5 x 2.5.  I stamped the architectural elements in Whisper ink, then sponged over top in three coordinating colors.  I started top right with the Crystal Blue, added Juniper through the middle, then Pacifica on the bottom left. 

I didn't change my sponge dauber or clean it in between.  I think that helps with the blend.  I really wanted that bottom left corner saturated with the Pacifica to disguise the bareness. Once I had the depth of color there, I moved back up adding more Juniper and Crystal Blue (again without cleaning my sponge dauber) until it was nice and deep.

Knowing I wanted to cut the butterfly out to mount over top, I stamped the head and antennae in black because I didn't want to have the border necessary if I fussy cut them.  I placed the antennae on a spot where the body would cover that muddy place where the two background stamps overlapped.  By the time I got the saturation of colors, the Whisper ink was almost indistinguishable and I could have put the butterfly anywhere.

Before I finished with the panels, I dropped water over top.  Even though the CTMH inks aren't distress inks, they reacted with the water just fine for the effect I wanted.

The butterfly was stamped in black and colored with Copic markers (BG10, BG72, & B26).  After I trimmed it out, I went around the edge with BG72 to avoid any white showing through.  That extra effort is really important when you put it up against a dark background.

The sentiment is from a stamp set called Big Hug.  The full sentient says, "cry. laugh. remember."  I stamped the first two words on the front and the last one on the inside.

I love how this turned out so much that I plan to make about five or six more to have on hand.  Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, but I hope these cards let my friends know they aren't grieving alone.

Until next time,


  1. That is a beautiful, thoughtful card! Thank you for explaining how you made it. I did just loose an Aunt on Friday, but she loved Jesus, so I have faith that we will be together again. Vicki

    1. Oh, Mimi...I'm sorry to hear of your loss, but we do not grieve as those who have no hope. May God give comfort in this time.

  2. Yes, this is so thoughtful and thought provoking that I, too, could see having a stash on hand! Very nice work, Becca! I am getting to that "age" where there are almost as many losses as there are birthdays. Yikes!

    1. Yikes indeed, Sharli! I just heard about two more friends who've lost loved ones. I hadn't thought about almost as many losses as birthdays, but you're absolutely right. Time to create more for my stash.


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