Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Writer's World Wednesday - Preparing to Launch

Over the past several years, book tours have gone the way of the dinosaur.  Not enough people come and buy books to justify the cost of traveling from place to place to meet readers.  Instead, authors have started doing "launch parties" (or maybe they always did them and I just never knew a real, live author before).

This week I'm trying to nail down a location for my first launch party.  I'd like to use a historic home built by a woman who won a "Land Lottery."  It's the closest thing to a "Land Rush" in my town. 

(Brief history lesson:  Land Rushes were about the stupidest thing ever invented.  Who thinks it's a good idea to make twenty-thousand people rush for twelve-thousand plots of land, many of which have already been claimed by Boomers or Sooners?? 

After a few, the government finally figured out that they might want to do things differently next time, so they decided to do a lottery.  Basically, you bought a "ticket" for a homestead claim and all of them went into a pot.  On the day of the lottery, the tickets were drawn and the winner got to choose their location.)

I haven't heard back yet but that didn't stop me from working on finding someone to make apple strudel.  My story begins and ends with strudel, and there's even some in the middle.  I can't imagine a launch party without it.

Most of writing is solitary.  It's fun to break out the "party planner" once in a while to gather and thank those who have supported and prayed for you through the process of birthing a story.

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