Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Little Writer News

The last two stories in the Montana Brides Inspirational Romance series are up for presale...and we got covers. One needs a tiny bit of work and the other is perfection. Here's the one that needs a little work...

Anywhere with You

Jakob Gunderson, the rejected brother from The Kitchen Marriage, finally gets to be the hero of his own story. The problem here is that Jakob is blond. Very definitely blond. We've contacted the publisher to have the cover changed but haven't seen an update yet.

This story is available for pre-order in ebook format only. It goes live on March 23.

The Telegraph Proposal
And here's the best cover yet. This is SO Yancey Palmer! The story is available for pre-order but, sorry, it doesn't release until almost November. We're still in edits.

For Gina and me, this series began in 2014. To have it coming to a close is bittersweet. We can't wait to share the final story with you but then we close the book (literally) on this group of characters we've come to love so well.


Okay, back to my regularly scheduled card making blog. Just had to share.

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