Friday, January 14, 2011

Blue Tarp Covering

For two weeks a blue tarp has been the only thing protecting my roof from snow, sleet, rain and hail.  A windstorm sheared off the entire roofing layer.  I still have the wood, but the actual roofing is lying in my yard.  Every day I check each room upstairs for leaks.  So far so good, but I never know how much longer that flimsy blue tarp will keep out water.  It's nerve wracking waiting for possible but not certain destruction.

The insurance company assures me the tarp is good.  Sorry...that doesn't make me feel any better.  They should be here "soon" or "when the weather clears up."  Uh, excuse me.  That's precisely my point.  Bad weather + blue tarp = ???

Did the Israelites feel like this?  Was every year a wait and see if disaster befell them before they could have their sins covered by the temple sacrifice?  Were the sins they committed too much to be covered?

I've only been living with this tarp thing hanging over my head - literally - for two weeks.  Imagine years just waiting for doom.  Year after year, offering sacrifices, waiting for the Messiah to come and offer a permanent solution.  To cover them with a full and final protection.

I will be very grateful when the last contractor leaves and my home is restored.  I am eternally grateful for the sacrifice of Christ Jesus for paying the full price for my sin so I never, ever have to wonder if what I've done has ripped a hole in His covering over me.

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