Friday, September 5, 2014

Color My Heart with Confetti Wishes I feel like I totally cheated on this card.  There's not a skosh of stamping on it, but who ever said hand made cards always have stamping?

This weeks Color My Heart challenge was to use the colors from the new Confetti Wishes paper pack:  Canary, Thistle, Pacifica, Lagoon, Crystal Blue and Pear.  Thanks to my amazing friend and DT buddy, Marie Flayer, who graciously sent me some of the paper, I cut a sentiment cloud plus a strip of paper from the same sheet to create this:

To conserve paper, I used 1.5" wide and 5.5" long over where I'd cut out the sentiment, overlapped them on my 4x5.25" panel, and put the sentiment back over the top where no one would see. 

I added a few extra touches because they are the things that take a card from "Nice" to "Oh, that's so CUTE!"  My extra touches on this were stitching around the background piece and covering the sentiment with Liquid Glass to make it look like a puffy sticker.  My original idea was to just do Liquid Glass over top of the "HAPPY" but my hand wasn't steady enough and it got outside of the lines.  Then the letters started running together, so I just covered the whole thing.

I cheated in another way, too. I used Honey ink (not on the color palette for the week...bad Becca) to sponge around the edges of the sentiment cloud.  I think that extra bit of shading helps to really define the edges and set it apart.

If you plan to recreate this card, I highly recommend that you be generous with the foam mounting tape under the sentiment cloud, especially if you are going to do Liquid Glass over top.  And be sure to let the Liquid Glass dry overnight before you stick your card into an envelope or you stash of cards.  (Go ahead...ask me why I'm passing along that bit of advice.)

Cheating or not, this turned out exactly as I hoped and, aside from waiting for the Liquid Glass to dry, took about ten minutes to pull together.  Hey...if you're going to cheat, you better make it worthwhile.

Until next time,


  1. It's a great card! And I won't ask, because I know! Been there, done that! LOL

  2. I would not have even known that you didn't use stamping on this. How very clever to cut out a piece and then cover up what you cut out!

  3. What a "Happy" card! Love it--thanks for reminding me how to "conserve" paper--I may run out of paper in the next century if I stop buying it now and that tip will come in handy. LOL
    :) Marie

  4. It must be late, because it took me too long to figure out that the white on your sentiment is SHINE from the LG! LOL! I thought maybe that was a bit of envelope from your lesson learned, hee, hee! LOVE your extra touches, my dear. They really do set you apart. :)

    1. No...I took the picture before it went in the file of cards. I don't let you see mistakes unless I can fix them. :)

  5. OH! And I had to say the paper conservation method is BRILLIANT! :)

  6. Aren't you clever, covering up that hole. I love really ideas like this. We sometimes get inspiration from the craziest places! :)


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