Thursday, January 28, 2010

Four Little Phrases

I had a discussion a couple days ago with my son. I followed it up today with another chat with my husband. And I'm finally going to do something my daughter has been after me about for a long time.

To tell the truth, it's things I've needed to do for myself and have been putting off for one reason or another for years.

How do you like that lead in?

I am creating this blog as my "accountability partner" in cyberspace. You are welcome to follow along as I learn to be all God has created me to be. My intention is to set some goals and publish my results. That's all. You are welcome to follow along, comment, send words of encouragement, leave advice, or simply laugh at me.

Here are my goals:

1. To regularly spend time with God through Bible study.
2. To become physically fit through exercise and nutrition.
3. To write for at least two hours a day with a goal of four hours a day, and to continue to pursue publication of my novels.
4. To do something fun and creative everyday.

So...there it is. My life, my goals, and my struggles all outlined in four little phrases.

Here we go!



  1. I envy a schedule that allows for such goals to be set, and wish you fortitude in the pursuit of those goal.

  2. Wow, Becca. Sounds like a few of the things I need to do. Don't know if I have the gumption to put them out there for accountability. My prayers for you in this effort. It will be fun to see what God does with this. :-)


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