Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Embossed Scene

Lately I've been missing my beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Although Oklahoma is greener this Summer than last, I miss Evergreen trees.  So I decided to make a small scene using this week's CAS(E) this Sketch.

Here's a list of the supplies:
  • Embossing Powders: Tim Holtz Distress Powder (Walnut Stain), Verdigris (Wandakins-a LSS out of business now), PSX Topiary Tapestry, and a bottle labeled "Lt. Blue Sparkle" with nothing else on it which makes me think I might have mixed it myself several years ago.
  • Stamp: Card Chatter-Birthday (CTMH)
  • Glue Pens: Chisel Tip Glue Pen (CTMH) and a Tombow Glue Pen that looks like a ball point pen.
  • Edge Distressor (CTMH)
  • Ink: Cocoa (CTMH)
Although the picture doesn't show it well, the trees are about six layers of embossing.  I started with the Verdigris, added thin stripes of Topiary with the ballpoint glue pen, added thicker stripes of Topiary with the chisel tip glue pen, covered the whole tree with glue and sprinkled a fine layer of topiary over it all, covered it again and sprinkled with Verdigris, then covered it once more and sprinkled more Topiary as the final layer.  It helps to have the overhead fan going while sprinkling layers.  It really gives you a nice, fine layer.  (It also gets embossing powder a hundred places other than the image, but that's why God invented vacuum cleaners and rags, right?)

The ground also has a few layers.  I started with the Walnut but didn't get good coverage, so I went back over it.  As I was working with the Topiary, I thought, "Why not?" and added a few swipes over the top.  Some of the Verdigris and Blue Sparkle got on the brown as I was doing those layers, but I didn't stress.

The edges ended up with places where the embossing powder didn't cover.  This is why God invented the Edge Distressor.  See...there is always a way to creatively cover up what, at first, looks like a flub.  Ask me about the inside.  Yeah...  Major flub which is now covered with lots of stamped Evergreen trees.

Despite the flubs and the sparkles, I think this will be a great card for my outdoorsy nephew.

Until next time,


  1. Beautiful card, Becca! I'd love to see that one in person! :) Marie

  2. What gorgeous layers and colors of embossing Becca!

  3. This is beautiful! I didn't think there were that many layers of glitter but the results are fabulous!


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