Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cheating for a Good Reason

Sometimes I just get stuck.  It seems to be my theme lately.  But when you're on a design team or have a writing deadline, you can't afford to stay stuck for long.  This week I decided to cheat on my design team duties over at Stampin' Buds and steal an idea straight from last year's CTMH catalog cover.  Remember this?

I used it as my inspiration for this:

I am loving the Wanderful paper packet.  The colors are so fabulous together, even if I wasn't able to photograph them that well.  It's not a combination I would have tried otherwise, but it's very chic!

The blue background piece with the cut arrows, planes, clouds, etc. comes from p. 38 of the Artbooking cartridge.  I sized it to 6x6 before cutting.  I think everything is pretty self-explanatory, but leave a comment if you have questions and be sure to check back for an answer.

I did want to mention one thing about the paper pierced chevrons.  When I first poked them using the stitch guide, the holes weren't even.  That's because the paper piercing tool will poke with various degrees of pressure.  It won't matter if you plan to actually use the holes for stitching, but if you plan to leave them as is, you might want them to be uniform.  The way to get nice, even holes is to do a second round of poking where you lift the paper away from the piercing mat and poke the piercing tool about a full inch through the paper.  That takes the tool to the thickest width so all your holes are the same size.

Too bad I can't cheat by copying someone else's novella, but copyright laws tend to frown on that sort of thing.

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  1. I love your case of this layout! The piece with all the arrows is awesome, it looks like some plastic planning tool I think I've tried to use in process flow diagrams! Wow, where did that come from?! Excellent work, Becca!


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