Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Three Best

It's the last day of the latest class at Online Card Classes.  The last two days have been "Expressive Florals" where you can take any blob and turn it into a flower.

Here are my best three:

 Used a stamp as a guide for flower placement.
 Free-form roses. Like the roses, hate the leaves, LOVE the sentiment.
Free-form blobs connected by stems and leaves.  Like the leaves.

I think I'm way too literal and picky when it comes to creating these kinds of things.  This free-form stuff just makes me sweat.  If I decide to do much more with watercoloring, I need to invest in better brushes and paper.

The last card meets a different kind of challenge.  Karen Day and I have started daring each other to use up old CTMH paper.  I used Aspen cardstock and B&T paper.  Tag, Karen.  You're it.

As for the shingles, my left eye is only partially swollen now.  I still look too scary to leave the house, but at least I'm starting to function.  Next week I'll be hitting the writing hard.  Deadlines are starting to creep up on me, not to mention a few launch functions for the book releasing March 1.  I have to say, though, if you're going to have to waste a week of work because neither your brain nor body can hold up, watercoloring isn't a bad way to go.

Until next time,


  1. LOL! I'll keep watercoloring in mind for the next time I have a need to be productive even though my brain has taken a vacation. Question: in your introductory sentence you say "you can take any blog and turn it into a flower" -- did you mean any block and turn it into a flower?

    1. can see how well my brain is functioning. I blame the medication. Anyway, it's supposed to say "blob" not "blog". Fixed it, thanks!! :)

  2. Your cards are really very pretty! You are very talented!

  3. Great blobs!;D Seriously though, your cards are beautiful, and the expressive florals aren't as easy as they make them look in class, but they sure are fun.


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