Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Loads of Laundry

I have a friend with all girls.  She once told me her laundry is "lights, darks, mediums, and pinks."  As an army wife, my categories are "lights, darks, mediums and uniforms" because, trust me, you don't want all that velcro anywhere near other clothes.

So today, as I'm throwing loads into the washer, it occurs to me that God is like the ultimate washing machine.  He doesn't care about the categories we fit into, whether it be race, wealth, nationality or even our degree of sinfulness.  Does a washing machine care which clothes are more stained than the others?  No.  All it cares about is getting dirty things of all shapes, sizes, colors and degree of stench clean and smelling sweet again.

The great thing about God, though, is he knows precisely how much agitation, stain remover, heat, and spinning is required to get the job done without anyone having to adjust His settings.

Okay...so it's not a perfect analogy, but you won't look at loads of laundry the same ever again.

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  1. I did laundry yesterday too, well and continuing on today as well! :)


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