Monday, March 15, 2010

Writing, writing, writing

I've spent the entire day working on a novel...and I got more than 15 pages written.  I find I either write on the blog or write for I thought I'd better work on the stuff I want to eventually publish for a bit.

So...this is my quick accountability update:

Exercise:  not so good this past week, but great the week before.  Both the treadmill and bike are working, however, so that makes it easier to do.
Food: have not had any sugar since committing to cutting it out of my diet...pretty proud of that!
Writing: way too much time on the blog, not enough time on the publishable stuff.
Creative Inspiration: been pretty good but I feel way behind on my scrapbook pages and some cards that need to go out.  Plus, my laptop is on the fritz, and since it has all my inspirational ideas on it, I'm pouting and not just sitting down to create.
Bible Study:  spotty on actual Bible reading because my Women's Group is working through a pretty intense book.

Tried to add a link that showed a counter of how many people have stopped by this blog.  It feels like I'm writing into a complete void, so I was hoping to get an idea of how many pop in to read even if no comments are left.  (My hubby tried to comment and said it was way too much trouble!)  If you know how to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you once in a while.

Until next time,


  1. Hi Becca!
    Take heart! I read your blog nearly every day! I am inspired by your commitment to lead a more disciplined life---both physically and spiritually. I would love to be comfortable enough to seek accountability as you have, in such a public forum. I also enjoy your 'commentary' on the Bible passages you are reading and meditating on. It challenges me to be more faithful with the basic disciplines of my own walk.
    I have always wanted to scrapbook and be the kind of person who sends handmade encouraging cards to people, but that doesn't seem to happen while working full time and homeschooling Lillie. Perhaps if I were more organized with my time, I could figure it all out. I do need more discipline in my life altogether! I also started a family blog a couple of years ago, but did not make the time to keep it up. I need to get that updated and start going with that again. So much to do, so little time....
    Anyway---Thanks for sharing---I'm sorry I don't typically take the time to post a comment, but I do enjoy your blog and appreciate that you take the time to write and share. I'll try to communicate more with you in the future. You have been an encouragement to me! Blessings!
    Brandi :)

  2. This is a test of the comment posting capabilities of this blog site. Had this been an actual posted comment, I'm sure it would have been filled with all the love and admiration I can muster.



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