Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Writer's World Wednesday - Perspective

As I told you last week, I have another contract.  It's exciting. It's wonderful.

It's somewhat terrifying!

I've known it was probably going to happen since last September, so I've been working on the story for a while.  I had a manuscript half done, thought it was good, gave it to a mentor who said, "This isn't working," and started all over again.  I got the first two chapters done by the first of February. Then nothing. I've been stuck for about three weeks now.  My deadline to turn in the manuscript isn't until June, but I'm already beginning to panic.  What if I can't get unstuck?

Considering my first novella (the one available in The Homestead Brides Collection right now) was 100% done before I had to start all over again with only six weeks to go, I was feeling pretty good at the beginning of the month.  Not so much anymore.

On Saturday, I went to a writer's meeting, told my dilemma to a New York Times bestselling author, who diagnosed my problem in one sentence.  My writing buddy and I looked at each other and said, "How come we didn't see that?" 


Sometimes you are so focused on the details you miss the overall objective.  A story gets written one word--one letter--at a time.  Keeping the big picture in mind as you work is vital. 

This week I'm taking the week to focus on the overall message of this upcoming story.  Let's hope it gets my brain in gear so my fingers can start typing those letters and words soon!

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  1. I have complete faith in you, Becca! I am moving slowly through thThe Homestead Brides, savory get the details and thinking about the stories in between each one. I am a bit impatient to get to yours but I have this thought that they were bound into the book in a certain order for a reason that I should respect. So, I will get there, just not there yet. Kind of like where you are with the new story. (Ok, not anything like that, but I'm trying to be empathetic here!)


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