Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last night my husband and I attended his high school reunion.  It was a small school, so they had classes which graduated between 1978-1983 in attendence.  For all intents and purposes, it was his 30th.  I was shocked at how many people hugged me...a woman they'd never even met but felt a warm connection to because they cared so much about my husband and had such fond memories of him.  And because it was a Christian school, there was that connection you automatically feel when you're in a room with "extended family."

Prior to attending the reunion, we visited my husband's "second family."  When he was in high school, he met their son at this Christian high school and they folded him into their home by adopting him with their love.  (I was much, much more nervous to pass inspection with them than with Nathan's parents when we were dating.  Luckily, they now love me as much as they love Nathan!) 

And we are currently staying with Nathan's sister.  His other sister is here, too, in order to spend some great quality time as a family before he deploys.  Amazingly enough, I consider my sisters-in-law as two of my closest friends, and I even like their husbands and kids!

All of this to say, watching the news and how our sin and rebellion is tearing the world apart juxtaposed against the joy of being with all our various forms of family makes me repeat over and over in my head this prayer, "The one who has spoken these things says, 'I am coming soon!'  So, Lord Jesus, please come soon!" (Rev. 22:20, CEV)


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