Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend in Vail

Being in the Army has many stresses, but every once in a while there is a perk which makes the rest of it worthwile...almost.

My husband is an Army Chaplain and, as such, is responsible to put on Marriage Retreats for soldiers and their spouses.  The Army currently has a 75% divorce rate, largely because the soldiers getting married are way too young and marry a few months to a few weeks before a deployment simply so they have someone to miss them while they're gone.  Not good!  However, once they are married, the Army does all it can to support marriages.  One way is through the "Strong Bonds" seminars put on by Chaplains.

This weekend, the Army paid for us to host a seminar in Vail, CO.  Since it wasn't ski season, we missed the peak rates, but this is still one of the most beautiful spots on the earth.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend some time in this amazing place.

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