Monday, December 6, 2010


No...I have not drowned.  I might freeze to death in a house where, despite the temperature being set for 72 degrees, I wake up to 53.  Brrr!  However, I found a knit cap and wear that to bed.  Lots of heavy covers keep the rest of me warm.  It's that bloomin' tiled shower -- on an outside wall -- gets me every time!  Someone is coming today to look at it.  Hope it works soon!


I am diligently working on a new novel which absorbs so much time I barely get to other important activities like...oh...paying bills, making card sets for presents, and fixing dinner.  I have about twenty things on my "to do" list and I can't seem to get out of 1776.  Quite lovely and terribly frustrating at the same time.  I need two of me! 

I crossed one item off my list, though, thanks to the wonders of Facebook.  Every year since my husband and I have been married, I've written a Christmas letter.  Well, maybe not every year, but probably 20 years out of 26.  I decided to break with that tradition starting now.  Everyone on my list is a FB friend and knows all of our news.  Gotta love FB!  Except, now what do I do with the Christmas paper I purchased last year for the letter?  Hmmm.

Furnace man is here and not even General George Washington can call me back to the Revolution.

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