Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Creativity Comes in Many Forms

Several years ago, I became overwhelmed with Christmas preparations.  I caught myself getting upset with my kids for no reason other than my own frustration.  But I didn't want to let them down by not keeping up with all our family traditions.  With rare brilliance, I decided to ask them which traditions were important to THEM.  The next year, I did the same thing.  And that became a new tradition...asking what is it we need to do to make Christmas a real Christmas.

This year, my son hosted at his new house.  He only wanted two things:  my apple pie which my daughter would carve something special into the top crust, and decorated cookies.  We also wanted to include my husband in some, significant way.  Here's the result:



Now, you must understand...part of the Christmas cookie decorating tradition is that the "boys" tend to make something entirely different than the actual cookie.  Thus, the ornament has become a hot air balloon, Santa carrying his pack has become both a yellow submarine and the "Operation Petticoat" submarine, and the bell has become "Mario Mushroom." 

Then, while blog hopping the other day, I ran across this poem tailored for stamping/paper crafting enthusiasts:

Stamping in a Winter Wonderland

Brayers roll. . . . are you listening.

On the card. . . . ink is glistening.

A Beautiful sight. . . we’re happy tonight.

Stamping in a Winter wonderland.

In the kitchen we can stamp a snowman.

Then add color to his carrot nose.

You’ll say: Are you Finished?

I’ll say: No Ma’am, I need to add some glitter to make snow.

When we stamp . . . ain’t it thrilling.

Even when . . . . the powders spilling.

We’ll create and we’ll play. . . .the art stamper way,

Stamping in a Winter wonderland.

-- Pauline Slovak

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright, and that your New Year is full of creativity.

Until next time,

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