Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hairy Dinner

I had dinner tonight at Applebee's in Twin Falls, ID.  As an aspiring writer, I'm working on people watching to observe habits, mannerisms, speech patterns, etc.  So here's what I noticed...

Seven of the eight waitresses had the same hairstyle.  Four of them were exact; the other three were variations on the theme.  I almost told my waitress (the only original hairstylist) she neglected to finish putting on her "uniform" but the words stuck in my throat after she called me honey, sweetie, and darling while taking my drink order...which was water with a slice of lime.

As I ate my dinner, I struggled to find words to describe the style for you all.  Nothing seemed to do it justice.  Halfway through my steak, a trio of women came in as patrons, and...wait for it...they all had that exact same hairstyle, too.  I looked around the restaurant, but the general female population had the standard variety of styles. 

I finished my dinner, still trying to paint a word picture, when a man came in guessed it...the male version.  And I finally had my word picture.  Imagine, if you will, a baseball cap perched on top of a man's head.  The hat is one size too small, so the crown doesn't lie flush with his head.  In back, there is a long ponytail sticking through the sizing hole.  Now, imagine that with hair.  Flat bangs, pouffe crown, high ponytail, and you can see the waitresses.  For variety, throw in one with a colorful headband between bangs and pouf, two with flowers of various sizes either behind an ear or stuck in the ponytail, and one with both the headband and the flower.  Even their accessories were copycats.  The variations all include the flat bangs and pouffe crown, but the ponytail part was either a bun or french roll.  Oh...and we can't forget the flower dotting a couple of them.

What would cause all these young women to mimic each other so exactly?  Hmmm.  There's a story in there.

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