Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sealed with a Kiss

A new year means a new set of stamps and new paper to play with from Stampin' Buds

I combined a couple of stamp sets for this.  The focal images are from Happy Mail (regular catalog) and the background ones are from Amour (Seasonal Expressions) with the exception of "special delivery" which is also part of Happy Mail.

I used the Artiste cartridge to cut three envelopes (2.54" W x 1.45" H) and the two notebook papers (4" H) from Hopscotch paper (Seasonal Expressions).  I sponged the edges of the notebook papers with Lagoon and added another layer of sponging to the top one in Flaxen.

The top of the card is also sponged in LagoonHopscotch says it uses Glacier and Indian Corn Blue, but I think the Lagoon is a closer match.

(Side note:  I wasn't a big fan of Flaxen when it showed up back in August.  Okay...thought someone must have been on drugs when they made that choice, but it's grown on me.  Or maybe my cold medicine is talking.  No...pretty sure I'm really liking this color.  Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post...)

What I really want you to see is the use of the ShinHan red pen.  Because of it's special properties, it can color many things.  I used it to outline the hearts, to color the mini clip, and to make lips out of a silver mustache sticker.

To make the mustache look more like lips, I trimmed the sides and bottom the teeniest, tiniest bit. It was just enough to make them look like lips.  LOVE that!

The ShinHan pens are designed to work on multiple surfaces as well as to blend well.  I stick with very light and neutral accent pieces now because I can make them any color I want using the pens.

I also want to point out how I used Liquid Glass to adhere the Flaxen Thick Twine to both the mini clip and the notebook paper.  I shaped the twine to bend then added very small amounts of Liquid Glass under the bends to keep them in place.'s going to be a fun New Year!

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  1. Absolutely love this kind of style. I like layering a LOT on my layouts, which is why I think this appeals to me so much as well. Excellent use of embellishments without overpowering the sentiment, which is tied in nicely with the "mail". Love. Having been to your blog only today, may I also say how much I love the thumbnails of the products used in the project! \m/ So much win! :)


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