Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Big News in the Writing Part of my Life

There are certain milestones that you start ticking off when you get published. The first - and biggest one, of course - is actually getting published. There's something incredible about seeing your name on the cover of a book and then seeing that book for sale online and in bookstores. After that, you start ticking off a few others. Today is one of those days. The series that my friend, Gina Welborn, and I are writing together is with a publisher who sends what's called Advanced Reader Copies, or ARC's for short.

These books have some grammatical errors or missing words since they were printed before the final round of edits are done, but you can still get the story. They are to be sent to people who agree to review the story.

Pretty exciting to get this in the hands of actual readers!!

In addition to that, today is release day for the promotional novella that kicks off this series. Come Fly with Me is only available in e-book (purchasing link along the sidebar).  Gina and I have been working on this set of stories for about three years from brainstorming to now. It's quite a thrill to see that much hard work pay off.

Gotta run. I have four guys here packing up my house as we prepare for our move to South Carolina.

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