Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Accountability Update

I really, really would rather keep things to myself sometimes.  Because the truth is I'm struggling these past few weeks with keeping up even one of my four goals.  I'm making excuses, starting to eat things I shouldn't, and generally not devoting myself to being serious about any of this.

And now I get to tell you all about what a miserable failure I am.  Such a joy!

I went back and read all my entries from the time this blog started and was convicted by my own words - which was the point of starting this blog in the first place.  In some ways it stinks, because no one likes being convicted, but in other ways it's quite good, because who can I blame but myself.

I don't really know how to "start over" rather than to brush off the dust from where I've fallen and continue to walk forward one step at a time.  I can't even think about one full day at a time...just one more step...the next right thing.

Until next time,

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