Monday, April 12, 2010

Travel in April

If you want to see this country at it's picture perfect best, travel in April.  The mountains are still snow-capped, the hills are green, the valleys are bursting with pride, the rivers are rushing crisply, and the sun shines benevolently on all of it. 

I am on the road visiting family and friends and drove from Colorado through Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Oregon before arriving in Washington.  I wish I had thought to stop and take pictures of some scenery along the way to show you the delights I was privileged to view.  Maybe on the way back.

Truly, the splendor of God's creative handiwork should convince us He does all things WELL!!

Along with the scenic delights, what a pleasure to be reunited with friends who are close enough to be family and family I truly enjoy.  I am blessed beyond words to be loved by some amazing people.

I hope you take time today to revel in God's provision for the nourishment of your soul through the beauty of nature and love of family and friends He has provided.

Until next time,

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