Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Acts of God

It's harder to blog from the road!

I've been spending time with my family for the past week and a half and will be on the road for another 10 days, so the blogging will be spotty.  At least I'm not having to deal with travel disruptions due to the ash cloud and airplane travel grounded by this "act of God."  It has, however, made me think about how we get into routines, make "firm" plans, and generally order our lives with very little thought given to extraordinary possibilities.  Very rarely do we plan for "acts of God" which is actually quite sad.

In addition to pondering my "normal routine," I've thought about how each choice I make is a part of me for the rest of my life.  Choices, routines, and "acts of God" don't always work hand in hand...which is also quite sad.

Rambling here, I know.  But perhaps God wants some of my choices to become a routine and all of it to be colored by concious effort to make everything I do an "act of God" meaning something of which He would approve.

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