Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good News; Bad News

Wow!  Long time, no see blogger friends.  Some of you may be wondering if I have left the blog world, I haven't.  The reasons I've not been on lately are a combination of good news and bad news.

Good News:  I went to a meeting of the Colorado Springs Area Christian Fiction Writer's group.  I have also joined a critiquing group.  And more to the point, I have started book two of my trilogy following one family's journey through forgiveness, choices, and reconciliation.  My extra writing time has now actually been taken up by this rather than my blog.  My first book is as done as I can get it, so it's now in the hands of another writer and will be critiqued in preparation for publication in the next few months.  I am also registered for a writing workshop in November.  Since this has been a goal of mine for years and years, it is terribly exciting and nerve wracking to actually start doing more than just creating stories in a vacuum.

Bad News:  I have plumbing problems and loan financing problems.  It is incredible how much we take running water for granted.  We have a collapsed pipe and, until permits are in place to dig up the old and replace with new, I am taking baths instead of showers so I can let the water out about two gallons at a time.  I can't wash clothes unless I do the same kind of thing...stop the washer every few seconds as it drains and let it sit for an hour until the water level drops.  On the loan front, hmmm.  I guess the only thing I can say is I have about 6 inches of paperwork; around 50 e-mails, and a couple dozen phone calls into this thing.  I am, for the first time in my life, looking for a lawyer to see if we can sue this group because of their unscrupulous behavior for adding fees and changing settlement amounts multiple times.

And, more good news, now that all our husbands are deployed, many of us are making efforts to do things like lunch dates, days out, weekend trips, Bible studies, and evening get togethers.

I have not forsaken the craft world, either.  I'm just going through all of my overwhelming supplies to get ready for a "Trash to Treasure" sale at a local stamping store.  I'm busy bagging, tagging and pricing.  I've "discovered" a few things!!

That's why blogging has been sporadic, and I'm not sure much will change until the loan and plumbing issues stop taking up so much time.  I hope you will bear with me!

Until next time,

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  1. wow girl!!! I sure hope you figure out the plumbing issues soon!!!What a mess...praying for you!!!
    Oh,how exciting...congrats on your success of your book(s)!!! ;)
    Have a blessed weekend!!;)


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