Thursday, January 23, 2014

All Bundled Up

Today is another post using the Frosted Workshop on the Go kit and complimentary products.

What happens if you love a particular WOTG but aren't thrilled about the scrapbook layout (or card projects) which come in the package?  You steal from other projects, that's what!

Here's a picture from page 97 of the current catalog:

Darling, right!  So I stole pretty much everything about it to create this:

Those of you with a keen eye will notice that all the stickers have been cut out. Every CTMH sticker has an excess around it to ensure you get the full pattern in case the cutting machine is just a little off.  I took advantage of that for three reasons: 1) I'm cheap (I didn't have personal photos to scrapbook with this and I didn't want to waste my stickers), 2) I always lay-out my entire page without sticking/gluing anything down to make sure I'm happy with it before it's too late to change anything, and 3) the tags on the left side of the layout needed extra "weight" to them.

Look back at the example picture again.  The tag has bold color and layers.  All these things add "weight" to the tag.  Even by combining two tags and the saying, my cluster doesn't have either the size or impact of the example.  If I were doing this for real, I would keep the borders around the Frosted stickers simply to make them bigger.  The addition of the two stars at the top left were also to lengthen/add weight to that side of the layout (although it's not a lot because they are a neutral color).  If I had actual pictures, those stars would probably be unnecessary.  Or, I might move them down to join the tag cluster.  (See, this is why you don't stick anything down until you're completely happy!!)

To successfully steal a layout, you need to note nitty-gritty details.  The example picture has a multicolored, busy pattern on the top right. I did the same.  The example has a large piece of plain, contrasting paper in the middle.  I pulled a muted pattern piece which contrasted against my background and the multicolored pattern.  The key is contrast between the paper on the right (multicolored) and the paper on the left (Crystal Blue base).  The example has pictures where the girl's outfit and hair bow has a bold color.  Instead of ignoring that, the artist chose to highlight it by choosing paper with the same color to create the background.  My "photos" have no bold color in them.  Plus, the stickers have no bold color in them.  Adding a bold color would have overpowered this layout.

Last but not least, note that the two pieces of Slate Washi Tape and snowman sticker share the same color and pattern.  By placing them in a triangular pattern, the eye is drawn around the page.

The bow at the bottom right was created using the Artiste cartridge as explained in this post.

As for the measurements, I eyeballed it.  The Crystal Blue paper is cut at 10.5x10.5 and mounted on a 12x12 piece of Colonial White; the multicolored paper is 4x4; the muted pattern is 6x4, the snowflake inside wreath pattern is 3.25x2; the zip-strip is 8 inches long to match the width of the Champagne piece which is 8x43/8.  The two "photos" are 4x4 and 4x3.5.

With a little attention to detail, you can adapt any example to your products and pictures.  Sometimes, stealing is a good thing!

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  1. I received my prize in the mail, thank you. The card you sent is great thank you! You have to know things to know it's handmade - very well done. I'll be using that little bow a lot now that I've seen your sample. Thanks again.


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