Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Great Outdoors

Happy Thursday, everyone.  It's Becca with my second Timberline Workshop on the Go project for

My daughter married into a wonderful family except for this one thing:  They like to camp.  Outside.  In tents.  (My idea of roughing it is one outlet in my hotel room bathroom.)  However, I am willing to overlook that fault because somehow, in spite of my excellent training, my daughter likes to camp, too.  I asked for some photos so I could scrapbook a few of their camping memories to show some ideas to you other nutso people out there who like to camp.  Outside.  In tents.

Here are a few tricks to notice:
  • The #10 was backed with a scrap of white paper to get it to show up.  I plan to send this back with several strips of paper she can use to write the ten things and glue onto the page herself.
  • The border along the top left side is the zip strip plus some of the Timberline paper.  It's not two, different pieces. 
  • The "ABOUT THE" was stamped on a scratch piece of paper and cut out so I could lay it on the page until I got it where I wanted it.  Once the photo was glued down, I stamped it for real.
  • The center circles/triangle of the numbers were glued down using the "peel the main strip off the Cricut mat, leave the rest on until you are ready to very carefully peel off the numbers, fit them into the negative space, put a tiny dot of glue in the remaining negative space, and use tweezers to fit the tiny circles/triangle in place before taking the number back off before it glues" method.  It looks more casual if you leave the little inner bits off, I'm just fussy. 
  • The "making tracks" image is actually hiding one of those terrible, only a quarter of the back side of someone's head is showing spots.  Love that I can cover those with well placed accents.  (Yeah, fussy.  That's a nice word for what's really going on here.)
I think everything else is pretty self-explanatory.  If you have questions, be sure to leave a comment and I'll answer with a reply.

My only concern is that it will be difficult to find ten, whole things to love about camping.  Outside.  In tents.

Until next time,
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