Saturday, June 27, 2015

Beautiful British Columbia

Hubby and I are more than half-way through our trip from Oklahoma to Alaska.  We're traveling through British Columbia, Canada right now and...WOW!  The scenery is stunning.  Here are a few pictures just from today.

 Twin Falls near Smithers, BC
 Hubby checking out the view "just around the corner."
 Above and below.
Fraser Lake, British Columbia.  This is a public park with a fabulous covered area and grill.

 Above and all the rest below.
Eddy Park in Telkwa, British Columbia.  We sat on the bench (below) and ate our lunch.

Tomorrow we head up a section of road that has only been paved for a couple years.  Looking forward to seeing sights many have missed because it was too rough to travel.

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  1. Oh Wow! What beauty!! Steve and I will be in Canada next week for a vacation - my first trip and I am so excited to be going! Hugs!!

  2. beautiful pics and a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing!

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