Thursday, December 17, 2015

Baby Cards with Kaleidoscope and Baby Zoo

Last week for design team duties with Mary Brooks, I created three birthday cards.  This week, I want to show you a couple baby cards.  I'm still working with leftover supplies after completing the Kaleidoscope Workshop of the Go and the suggested ink pads of Slate, Pixie, Canary, and Pear but I added Crystal Blue this week.

I've been making use of second generation stamping quite a bit to fade the stronger Slate ink color to match the Whisper colored cardstock that comes in the WOTG.  I did the second generation stamping on the horse.  I stamped the horse again in Pixie ink, squeezed the lid and ink pad together so I could "watercolor" with a wet brush (see the third card from this post for an example) to get the softer pink on the saddle, cut out the saddle and glued it over the top of the horse.  I also used the watercolor Pixie on the bridle.  Everything on this card comes from Baby Zoo except the bow that's stamped in the horse's mane.  I feels a little like I'm cheating to say I'm combining the two stamp sets, but think how many times you could use that bow to create "girlie" animals from Baby Zoo.

For the background paper, I stamped "Congratulations" in Pixie ink onto Pixie paper except for the one time I stamped it in Slate.  I tore the edge of one side only.  To get the paper to tear so the white core is exposed, tear toward you.

This next card is the one I've been waiting to show you for MONTHS!  I doesn't look like much right now but wait...wait...

It's a gender reveal card!!  That's why I needed the Crystal Blue ink pad to go along with the Pixie so both genders are represented.
The easy way to do this card would be to cut a strip of the patterned paper that comes in Kaleidoscope.  The problem was it overpowered my cupcake, so I created a less busy background using the dot border from Baby Zoo.
The tag measures 1.75" by 6.75" and is scored at 3" and 4" from the bottom then rounded on the top.  The cupcake wrapper was created by stamping in Slate and then, with the stamp and ink pad still touching, sliding the stamp straight down off the edge of the ink pad. I stamped it on a separate piece of White Daisy cardstock, cut it out, folded my tag into the "Z", and glued the wrapper image at the bottom of the fold. I stamped the cupcake top and sprinkles (Kaleidoscope WOTG) plus the "It's a" flag from Baby Zoo, and glued them in place on the top part of the "Z" fold.  Both the cupcake and flag got Pixie and Crystal Blue sprinkles to carry the "Is it a boy? Is it a girl?" theme forward.
I stamped the inside before doing this next part, but the fun of a gender reveal card is the suspense of waiting... **Wicked little laugh**
To keep the cupcake closed, I did two things.  I poked holes with a piercing tool and used a needle and sewing thread to tie a bow.  The problem was the top part of the tag wanted to fall down, so I added a Hook & Loop dot.
The two closures worked together to keep the gender a secret until...
Clever, right?  And I thought of it all by myself. (I'm so very proud. I usually have to copy someone else's creative cuteness!)  The balloon and string come from Kaleidoscope WOTG, and "BOY!" comes from Baby Zoo.
Here's the list of supplies (with embedded links for your shopping convenience):
I'll have three more cards for you next Wednesday instead of Thursday (because it's Christmas Eve), and you'll be amazed how many supplies I still have to work with.
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