Saturday, December 12, 2015

Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Hops with Heart

Is Christmas music going non-stop at your house?  If so, you've undoubtedly heard "The Twelve Days of Christmas" play a few times.  Inspired by this beloved (or maybe annoying) song, Blog Hops with Heart has put together several things for you to enjoy. 

Here's my "partridge in a pear tree" or wreath, as the case may be...

It's a very simple card, and I must give credit to the inspiration piece which can be found here.
I love how elegant the Cranberry and Cashmere color scheme is.  I've used most of my "White Pines" paper, so part of why I was so excited about the inspiration card was being able to use the merest scrap of paper in a fun and unusual way.

Here's a close up of my partridge. I cut it with Artiste (p. 51) at 2" W out of vellum. I crinkled it up to give it a little extra "oomph" before gluing it down.  I had the entire card assembled when I remembered I needed it for the Twelve Days theme and, luckily, had the foresight to attach the sentiment banner only at one end.

It's always difficult to photograph vellum.  It shows up better in real life.

The hardest part about this card was adding all the star sequins.  I was rummaging through my "accessories" drawer when I found a zip lock baggie full of them.  I have no idea where they came from, but they were perfect for this. I tossed a pinch onto my card, fiddled around until I got them arranged how I wanted, and used Liquid Glass to glue them down.  All I can say is, thank goodness for tweezers!

Go on to see what Stephanie has for you.  And then keep going until you've circled back to where you started.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. This card is gorgeous and color scheme is wonderful! So elegant! And I love your partridge too!

  2. Love this Becca. It has such a soft feel and is just beautiful!

  3. Oh, oh, oh, that bird! I JUST saw it, lol!!! Amazing and gorgeous! :)

  4. Very pretty!! I'm glad you didn't just say that you threw the star sequins done and they arranged themselves like this! They are truly awesome! I love the partridge - vellum is a nice tough that doesn't distract from the color combo.

  5. Becca, your card is beautiful! I do love the Cranberry and the Cashmere, lovely

  6. Ah, Becca! Your CAS style is amazing as always! I love how you used the combination of gold, vellum and star sequins! Love it all!!!


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