Thursday, February 25, 2016

CTMH Artistry Frame does Double Duty

It's probably not a big surprise to any of you that I glean inspiration from a huge number of paper crafting blogs.  I've been noticing a trend lately where a top panel is given a fun edge before mounted over top of a card base.  Initially, I thought of buying some of the die cuts to recreate the looks, but then I said to myself, "Wait! Can't you recreate the same look with the CTMH Artistry cartridge?"

"Why, I believe I can," I answered myself.

"Okay, self. Let's see what we can do."

(I'm an author.  These kinds of conversations are normal for me.)

Here's what "myself" came up with:

I used the "Joy" sentiment that shows up on p. 48 of the Artistry booklet, ungrouped it and deleted the "Joy" image leaving only the background panel. I unlocked this image and edited it to 4.25x6.5 inches. I cut it in "Charlotte" paper then used my paper trimmer to cut one edge off giving me two decorative edges to play with.

"Myself" is very pleased!

Until next time,


  1. Yourself should be very pleased - these are two terrific cards! I haven't forgotten our running challenge (grin) I have a card that will be posting next week using Daydream!

  2. Thanks Becca for giving us the instructions for the decorative edge panel. And beautiful cards!


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