Friday, August 3, 2018

Live Your Story

The instant CTMH came out with the Documented Paper Pack, I started planning this layout. To finish it, I have to wait for the cover of book three (which I should be writing instead of scrapbooking, but...this is so much more FUN!).

One of the amazing things about being a published author is that I truly am living my story. Of course, these stories are written with my friend, Gina Welborn, so I'll be developing this picture to add to the page.

We had these joint head shots taken about a year ago. If you visit my author website, you'll see that I also had some individual shots taken at the same time. We spent about three hours in four different locations, and all of our favorites came from this one. Of course that might be because it was the only place blocking the famous Oklahoma wind. Some of our "bad" pictures were hilarious. Hair all over the place!

As for the layout, I used nothing but the Documented Workshop Your Way except for the pink hearts. I die cut those using the Stitched Hearts Thin Cuts. These will still be around come September, but the price is going up so get 'em fast. to write The Telegraph Proposal. It doesn't come out until 2019, but you can order both The Promise Bride (2018 Spur Award Winner for "Best Western Romance Novel") and pre-order The Kitchen Marriage which releases October 1 of this year. There are also two ebook novellas included in the series: Come Fly With Me (prequel to The Promise Bride) and To Catch a Bride (prequel to The Kitchen Marriage). Links to all these stories--and more--plus the link to my author page are along the right sidebar.

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