Monday, September 17, 2018

Decorative Border, Fancy Tags, and Just Treats

For my third card featuring the September Stamp of the Month (SOM), I combined the Decorative Border Thin Cuts, which I've used on the last two cards, with the Fancy Tags Thin Cuts. I'm really, really happy that I purchased both of these. I'll be using them alone and in combination, as I've done with this card.

This is the large tag that has a scallop bottom. I trimmed that off in order to turn the tag sideways and still fit on my card. I then cut another tag with Linen paper and cut it again with the stitched scallop border thin cut. Now, to be honest, you could probably finagle a similar result by using the scallop border of the tag itself, but it was so much easier to do it with the border cut and that stitched edge is just such a great addition.

To color, I used the "squeeze the ink pad together until you get ink in the lid, then pick up the ink with a damp paintbrush and color" method. I used it on the card from a few days ago. It's one of my favorite coloring methods. The sentiment is stamped in Heather and colored with Mink and Pomegranate. I added some Mink Twine then secured the ends with Liquid Glass. While that was out, I added a dots of it to the berries to give them dimension and shine.

My background paper comes from the Seasonal Mix-In pack. I LOVE this pack. It's perfect for adding to the current set of paper suites or great on its own.

Well...then I started to put my supplies away and moved some paper to the side of my desk. Underneath was the "Ugly Sweater" stamp set. Sweater. Warm. Winter. Hm...

Do you see that slightly fuzzy texture. That was a mistake. My stamp pad needed to be reinked but I overdid it. But hey...if you're going to make a fuzzy image, it might as well be on a sweater. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The heart comes from the SOM set and is also stamped in Pomegranate.

I honestly can't decide which card I like best. What do you think?

Time to head up to the writing cave. I need to pound out 3K words today if I'm going to stay on schedule. There are parts of being an author that I love, but deadlines are not one of them.

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