Saturday, September 8, 2018

Love Notes - 1

Two things you need to know about me: 1) I don't like it when CTMH changes their color palate and 2) the main reasons I became a consultant were for the discounts and early ordering of new products. Having said that, I'm LOVING the new colors introduced this year.

I only used two new colors, Nectarine and Candy Apple, on this card. They are replacing Tangerine, which was practically brand new,  and Cranberry, which has been around since CTMH opened for business. Were it not for the wonderful surprise bonus that consultants got to order all the new ink colors at an even bigger discount than normal, I would be grumbling about replacing a brand new and a staple color with what seem like only slight color changes. Well...they are slight, but that tiny adjustment makes the entire color palate bright and cheerful. They also work together much better. So...there you have it. Sign up as a consultant and you, too, will no longer need to grumble about color palate changes. Ha!

Here's the supply list (with links for your shopping convenience):

Like yesterday's card, you really want the fine point of the Micro-tip scissors for this. That tiny notch in the frame around the sentiment can get bent out of shape if you use larger, clunkier scissors. Another confession...the only reason I have the scissors is because they came in my new consultant kit. Yes, indeed, I'm really glad I signed up!

Now, I know that supply list is long for this small card, but that rainbow effect is really nice against the marble texture background. Just wait until you see what I did with it the day after tomorrow's card.

We're on the last day of our European vacation. Long, exhausting flight home, but then my own bed. Ah...

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