Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obscure Olympians

I love watching the Olympics.  There is something amazing about the whole thing.

And I love watching all those events I never get to see at any other time: curling, biathalon, speed skating, etc.  Yeah...they may be on once in a blue moon, but not with the focus the Olympics brings to them.

These athletes, the ones whole toil for years on end so they can compete at multiple Olympic games, astound me.  They work and work, practice for hours on end, for the hope they can shine on one single day, sometimes in events which only take a minute or two from start to finish. 

But it is also fun to see the fanaticism one country has for a sport we don't even know exists outside of the games.  Athletes who are barely recognized here in the US are huge stars in other countries.

I guess it reminds me of how we, as Christians, toil in relative obsurity here.  We have no idea how we are followed and cheered on from our heavenly home.  "Events" we don't even recognize as having any value outside of it being something we love to do are big deals there.  Very big deals. 

Every couple years, when the games come on, I remember to keep running this race for the prize set before me.  I hope you do, too.

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