Monday, February 8, 2010

White as Snow

Snow arrived here in Colorado Springs last night. There is something so beautiful about a snow-covered scene. The fresh, clean white covering dirt, debris, cracks and all sorts of imperfections. It’s a picture of how God sees us when we have allowed the sacrifice of Christ to cover us and make us clean.

As I was outside sweeping snow off the driveway today, an idea came to me. It’s not a great analogy, by any means, because it only goes so far.

The snow plow came by as I was exposing the warped, cracked surface of my driveway, and it occurred to me how much effort goes into making sure we can get around town through shoveling and plowing. We take beautiful snow, push it aside, and get down to some pretty rough stuff in order to go about the business of living.

How often, as Christians, do we fail to help people get about the business of living by staying snow covered…by not disclosing the warped, cracked, rough places in our lives? We would much rather stay covered up. We are prettier that way, all pure and sparkly. Added to the ugliness it reveals, shoveling is plain, hard work. I was red in the face by the time I finished today.

I’m not suggesting we need to make public everything in our lives for the sake of those around us, just divulge enough to help them see a path, to be able to find the road.

Because what kind of people do we become when we are not willing to uncover some of our ugliness? In his book “What’s so Amazing about Grace?” Phillip Yancey wrote, "I rejected the church for a time because I found so little grace there. I returned because I found grace nowhere else." People willing to admit their own sin do not despise other sinners.

So, revel in the beauty of the snow, just be sure to shovel enough of it away to clear a path for those needing to find a way to grace.

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