Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fancy Feathers

Happy Thursday!  It's Becca with another Timberline post for  I can't believe my term is almost over.  How did that happen???

Okay...enough misery from me.

I used the Feathers stamp set like I did a couple weeks ago.  In fact, the sponging on the June 5th card was done through the cut-out border on this card.

The multicolor feathers were created by making a custom stamp pad using baby wipes.  Cut two wipes in half and pile them to create four layers of thickness. Be sure to put them on something that won't leak through to your table.  (Yeah...go ahead and ask why I'm passing that tip along.)  Then drop reinker at random. I used Lagoon, Chocolate, and Goldrush. You don't have to use a lot or make the colors touch; just move your stamp around as you are inking up.  One of the great things about clear stamps is the ability to see if you've covered your image as you are doing this.

The "AWESOME" sentiment was inked in a portion of the custom ink pad that was mostly Chocolate.  After it dried, I used a white gel pen to highlight the words and arrow because I kinda got it wet and the colors bled.  (Yeah.)

After cutting out the feathers, I edged them in Ponderosa Pine.  I put a little more reinker on my baby wipes  and pressed the edges.  The 'give' of the four layers gave me a deeper edge than I would have gotten using a regular ink pad.

I assembled most of the layers (woodgrain background, cut-out border, doily, and feathers sewn down the center).  I put one drop of Ponderosa Pine reinker onto an acrylic block, added a couple drops of water, and used a paintbrush to flick it onto the card. (Yeah...about might want to put it in a cardboard box or do this step outside.)

Because I like finished edges, I wrapped the doily and the Washi tape over the back of the woodgrain paper.  And, by sewing the feathers before adding the woodgrain to the cardbase, there are no messy threads showing on the inside of the card.

Despite the inherent mess (and the one I made by being an idiot), I really like the way this card turned out.

Until next time,
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  1. I really like how this card turned out also! Love the feather colors!
    :) Marie

  2. I love how you did the feathers - thank you for sharing this technique! I'm going to have to try it.


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