Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Writer's World Wednesday - The Power of a Single Sentence

My husband and I have a pact...neither one of us is going to die before the other.  And we aren't the only ones to make such an agreement.  Unfortunately, life rarely accommodates that particular request.

This morning at Bible study, a woman who's been married over fifty years said she read something about loving your spouse enough to be willing to be the one left behind to deal with the grief.  It rocked her world.  And do you know where she read it?  In a fiction book by Dee Henderson.

A few years ago, I read "Words" by Ginny Yttrup.  She has an interesting twist on "the truth shall set you free."  It impacted me so much I remember it still.  And she revealed it in a single sentence.

Same thing happened in Susan Meissner's "The Girl in the Glass".  One sentence stood out and forever changed how I look at things.

But you might read the same books and get a very different sentence that stands out to you.  As an author, I write the lessons God is teaching me.  It's the equivalent of Ernest Hemingway's famous quote: "There is nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."  What I'm going through might not resonate with you.  Maybe it will in another year or two or ten, but not at this particular moment.  Or maybe it never will.  That has to be okay...with both you and me.

When Waiting on a Promise comes out in February, most of you will read it and think it's a nice little story, at least I hope so.  Some of you will think it's a pile of drivel.  But somewhere out there is a person who needs to hear what my story has to say.  God will take the words I've written, drive them into a heart softened by disappointments or experience, and use them to change a life.

I write for that one.

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