Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Writer's World Wednesday - A Proud Parent Moment

When my children were growing up, one of the best parts of my day was when they first came home from school.  I loved sharing all their little joys and triumphs as well as the occasional tear.  Now that they are all grown up and thousands of miles away, the chance to share the little things are few and far between, but every once in a while we get to share something big.

On Monday, my son took over command of his company. It's a very big deal for his army career. My husband and I flew from Oklahoma to be here and are staying through Thanksgiving.  It's the first time we will have shared the holiday with him since he left for West Point in 2005.  Needless to say, we are grateful to be here to share both the change of command and the holiday with him.

  The company gathers and salutes while the National Anthem is played over loudspeakers.
 My husband gave the invocation. It was such an honor to be asked and hubby did
a fantastic job--in my wholly unbiased opinion.
 Since my son isn't married, he presented me with the traditional yellow roses welcoming me to the company.  The outgoing spouse is usually presented with red roses indicating the love the company feels for past service, while the yellow indicates friendship and welcome.
 The change of command is symbolized by the passing of the company's guidon (flag).  The first sergeant presents it to the current commander on his left...
 ...who passes it to the Lt. Col. in charge of the entire battalion...
 ...who then passes it to the incoming commander...
 ...who passes it back to the first sergeant...
 ...who then passes it back to the soldier charged with carrying the guidon
 because he exemplifies all that a soldier should be.
 After the passing of the guidon, the Lt. Col. and outgoing commander say a few words before the incoming commander says his.  Steven is only the second commander of this company.  The outgoing commander said the only reason she didn't freak out handing off the guidon was because command was going to Steven.
 After singing the Army Song, Steven gives his first order allowing his soldiers to...

I felt like I fulfilled my first (and only) duty to the company by feeding the soldiers, although I really only shopped because Steven paid the bill.  I kinda like how that works now!

On the writing front, I have found myself a mentor.  It was scary approaching her, but true to her reputation and what I've observed of her character the few times we have had face-to-face interaction, she proved to be exceedingly gracious.  She tells me she won't be so nice about critiquing my work, but that's the whole purpose of being mentored.  Find someone who will take the job seriously and expose your problems and flaws so they can be fixed.  I'll be diving into that as soon as I get back from Thanksgiving.

For now, I'm enjoying a few days off and re-learning how to roast a turkey along with my daughter who is hosting her first dinner and calling me for advice.  Sometimes it's good to be Mom.

Until next time,

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